The difference between Owlcrate and Fairyloot january 2018 boxes

Photos taken on Owlcrate and Fairyloot

Sooooo my first entry here!

Wow! So exited! I promise I won’t blabber too much but…actually sorry no. Can’t promise that 😁😁

Sooo like any sane reading person I bought two subscriptions for a bookbox last november in hopes of choosing one of them… You can guess the outcome : my ongoing, inner child indulging, guilty pleasure has expanded into keeping them both. And as I secretly feared this months box of both companies contains the same book! Now I could’ve deleted one because I knew in advance but where’s the fun in that? I was curious what alterations the books would have and lets be honest: who doesn’t like more goodies?! Not sure when the grown up in me will come into action in the next coming months (probably when she sees the zero’s on her bank account) but lets not get into the nasty details and enjoy!

Lets get  into the boxes now.

Box no.1 is Owlcrate wich I got first. And man, was I entirely, utterly, FLABBERGASTED by its contents!! Well, the stuff was kinda nice but I like the word flabbergasted (come on, say it 5 times in a row! Yeah, feels good doesn’t it) so I’ll go on and describe them:

Month: January

Theme: Fearsome fairytales.

Cat: Peluche the magnificent, the stinker, the annoying one, the…. (come up with a word that I’ve never heard before and FLABBERGAST ME!)


🌸Pillowcase ‘once upon a dream’ inspired by Sleeping Beauty

🌸Bracelet with quote from Rapunzel:(Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your dreads. Haha gotcha. It actually were extensions but keep that to yourself, the prince still doesn’t know)

🌸Strongly odoured (eufemism here) scented wax with cute burner.

🌸a themebadge

🌸And lastly, the beautiful book wich I fast read (=DEVOURED AH MAH GAWD) The cruel prince by Holly Black

I really liked this box a lot! (Ran upstairs holding the pillow cover, sqealing like a child to show David (the grown up here) and to put it immediately over my pillow on the bed. Love it!

The little wax burner is also a plus because I didn’t have one yet so I’m really glad I can cover up the stink of the catlitter now. . So maybe now my friends would like to come over without a noseclip. But maybe not because the scented wax that came with the burner is called ‘gingerbread’ and I guess they took the bread crumb finding track of Hanzel and Grettle too literally because who in there right mind would like to smell heavily wafted cinnamon ALL DAY LONG. I gave it a serious try (like an hour) and then I threw it away because I got a splitting headache.

The pin that owlcrate puts in every monthly box is ugly as hell, as always, so I’m not gonna dive into that any longer then necessary (I guess I should really appoligize for the random blubbering I do between every freeakin thing but if you’ve read this far then I guess you don’t mind as much😎)

The book. What should I say about the book? It is gorgeous! The paper cover around it is exclusively for Owlcrate and it’s nice but the golden drawing on the book itself is cute and lovely! A little crown with branches twirling around it. Whats really awesome is that the author signed the book itself instead of a sticker! Now thats what nerdy booklova’s want! I’m not going to tell what the book was about but it surprised me because normally i’m not into fairystories but this writer can make me love them so defenitely gonna try Ms Blacks other books!




Box no.2: Fairyloot

Theme: Talk faerie to me.


Content: a lot!

🌸Small pillow case with ‘Only you can decide what breaks you’

🌸Prince Cardan candle

🌸Seelie lip balm

🌸Pictures of characters of another serie by S. Maas

🌸Magnetic bookmarks based on Feyre and Rhysand from ACOTAR

🌸Couloring book of magical creatures

🌸The book, same as above!

If you’re a big fan of Sarah j Maas then you’ll absolutely LOVE this box. Unfortunately I’m not, so I was dissapointed with this box… Also not into couloring, (My tastes in the moment lie in crafting wich I’ll soon post a blog of!) Already got like three lipbalms, if I add one more they’ll gang up on me so better not. Also don’t like figurine bookmarks especially if they’re magnetic. The only magnetic thing in a book should be supervillain Magneto. 😀

The paper cover of this book is gorgeous. Fine golden religning as an exclusive touch to fairyloot. I like this one more then the owlcrate darker version but since the owlcrate one has a signature and the golden image on the book itself, wich I like because I read hardcover books without the flip case, I’ll keep that one for myself. (Once I had to toss a flipcase in the trash because it ripped whilest transporting it in my bag, yup Miss Clumsy right here)

I’m gonna sell this box to someone who’ll sqeal like I did with the owlcrate one and lets face it, even though I personally don’t feel this box, it is magnificent so it deserves a counterblog to praise its awesomness!

While it was an interesting month I won’t be keeping two boxes if I know they’re gonna contain the same book… But maybe if the theme is fun enough I’ll do it again and you can read another one of my too funny-to-be-serious blogs.. who knows! My ideas are as fickle as the direction of the wind 😁

I hope you liked this blog! Sorry if there are to many grammar mistakes in it. The question hit me just now why I didn’t post this in Dutch… Maybe I’ll do that next time to avoid grammar-nazi’s spotting my blog 😀

Leave me a comment what you think about this blog, the boxes, my cat, …. so I’ll know someone actually read this and I’ll feel good about blabbering a second time!

XOXO and a bite (thats from Peluche, he always wants end-credit)



7 thoughts on “The difference between Owlcrate and Fairyloot january 2018 boxes

  1. Ooooh! Me! Pick me! I want to buy your Fairy Loot box! I love coloring 😀

    Also if you like the cover from the Fairy box, but the book w/ cover design and signature from the Owl box you could switch the dust jackets?!!? *gasp* (hopefully thats not blasphemous, but you could create your very own special edition!)

    I don’t think Fairy Loot and Owl Crate usually contain the same book, but you could look up old unboxing posts and verify! I have LitCube because it is cheaper and while I like it, it is not as exciting as Fairy Loot or Owl Crate!

    I loved your post! Its full of energy and I ramble too!

    I used “minutiae” in a sentence today haha I was pretty proud. Its not as good as flabbergasted tho!


    1. Aaaaaah I loved your comment! 😀
      You definetely taught me a new word! I will try to use that one in my next entry haha!

      Unfortunately the box sold faster than the speed of light in one of my fb groups for YA books so don’t have it anymore but you could still try to search for it in the fairyloot group for buying goodies!

      I would have LOOOOVED to switch the dustcovers but they weren’t the same size! 😭😭 there went my one of kind cruel prince… but still pretty happy with the one I kept from OC. 😍

      Thank you so much for this lovely comment, it made me giggle whilest reading it in bed wich the bf kind of found annoying yet adorable 😁

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha i noticed it when I got the boxes, darn it! 😂 loved the fairuloot version much better this time! I already gave a couple of goodies away from the boxes before it sparked that I could’ve done another blog about it.. silly me!! Well, I’m sure there’s gonna be a next time! 😅

      Liked by 1 person

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