Review Hazelwood by Melissa Albert


Photo by Penguin books Australia


Rating: 2/5 stars

So The Hazelwood… One of those books that leave me unsure if I liked it or not πŸ˜… maybe by the end of this entry, I’ll give you a conclusive answer.

It starts really, agonizingly, interminably, time-consumingly slow. It couldn’t keep me engaged in the story so I had to force myself 5 times to read on. I found the development of the introduction to Finch and their ‘friendship’ rather unpersonal and lacking warmth. If a guy decides to help you out, you feel at least a little grateful? Not for Alice apparently. She keeps obsessing over the fact that he’s a fan of her grandmothers work and that irritated me a lot. Also lets talk about dear old grams and her succes story ‘Tales of the Hinterland’. Something was just off about the whole thing. First a real success, then nobody seems to have a copy? I also don’t think you can leave the global eye very easily when you’re a successful author… maybe it’s the way Melissa described it that just didn’t work for me.. Also… if Alice was that obsessed in her youth, you don’t tell me she couldn’t find a copy to read..

When the two of them finally arrive at the Hazelwood estate, things pick up speed and the story gets better. I loved the final chapters of the book and was sorry the writer didn’t make Alice’s Story more explicit. I would’ve loved to follow that in more detail.

On one hand I would love to read a sequel but on the other, the ending of Hazelwood was closing enough so you don’t end up with a unfinished kind of feeling (you all know the feeling)

But yeah, still have mixed feelings… the part where it became a really good story for me was nearly at the end so I can’t rate the book as ‘good’ but also not as ‘super bad’…

Who read this book and had the same feeling? Or who can share their view on it and make me want to love it?


So this is the end, my bookish friend, of this review. Hope you find this entry useful, vindicating, … Now on to the next book, Ink and bone by Rachel Caine!





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