Review Ink and bone by Rachel Caine


Rating: 3/5 stars

I liked this book! It isn’t a heartstealing pulse racing kind of book (well, at the end it did keep me captivated) but an overall good 3 out of 5! At first I thought the author must be male because of the typical no nonsense thinking pattern of the male main character so it was quite a surprise when I finally looked at the front cover and discovered it was a woman 😅 She writes males that good! (In my opinion some female authors make their males too emotional and well, feminine, there I said it :p) The story is about a guy that comes from a family of bookthieves because hey, guess what, books are only really owned by the great libraries across the world and people only get to loan a copy of it. So the setting of the story is about groups of people who object against it, claiming the libraries take away their free will and right to own real books and learn from them as they please so they burn books to make a point…On the other hand you have the library and its rulers who want to expand human knowledge and try to preserve original books from people who destroy them. As we dive deeper into the book, both sides are not what they seem untill they crash and collide. As a byline to the story, there is a small lovestory (huraaay!)


So at the end of the book, the outcome hits you a little in the feels and makes you long for the sequel, wich I’m defenitely buying!

I really love stories that revolve around books! Makes it extra special because I go cray cray for them and you know: books in books in books are cool 😍

Art found on!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Are tou going to read it now thzt you’ve read my fantastical review? 😁 you won’t regret it!

Here’s a picture of Peluche because well, he’s pieved he wasn’t in the previous posts and well, he’s so freakin cute!





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