Aerial hoop workshop!



So for those of you that didn’t read my last blog about my new and exciting hobby (I guess that’s all of you *whap whap whap whaaaaaap* ((insert sad and awkward tune))

I do Aerial silk! But my studio (aerial studio Arnhem) asked if I wanted to join a hoop workshop and since I had no plans except reading and I do need to get out more to suck some vit D, I decided to go!

Aerial hoop is performed also in the air but revolves around doing tricks in an circular object called, surprise, a hoop.

You’d think its not that hard right? Can’t be that difficult, hoisting yourself in a high rope, right? WRONG. Dang, afterwards I looked like a blue spotted leopard with a hernia.


Most are turning yellow already but still proud to have evidence of finally working out 😎

And now, for some cool pictures wich you are all dying to see ofcourse!


Especially proud of the first one because that was HARD! First you pull yourself in the hoop, then you hold the upper bar, do a backflip over yourself IN the hoop, arms stay where they are, then put 1 foot on the lower bar, do another backflip IN the hoop so your behind dangles for all to see and STRIEEECH your leg and keep your balance. It. Is. Hardcore. 🤔 and don’t forget to point those toes to look less like an idiot in a hoop and more like an experienced artist. 😁

I loved it! Most of the time I stumble through life, dropping, hitting, throwing things by accident so aerial silk makes me feel more elegant and feminine while also being a bad ass muscle chick! It is tough but not as repetitive or sweatbreaking as going to the gym wich I quit because of that. I think I have really found my thing!

Photo taken on youtube by Nikolay Shcherbak



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