Unboxing Once upon a book club Adult box: March 2018


What-a-wonderful BOX! 😍

I loved everything about it! First things first, for those of you who don’t know OUABC, it’s a little different from the usual boxes like Owlcrate or Fairyloot. First of: they have different types of boxes. Adult, YA and one for little kids 😁 The items in it are giftwrapped and signed with a number. This matches certain pages in the included book so you get items that match certain scenes in it!! It really adds to the story and gives you a closer connection while reading.

First time that I bought an adult type box. And that had to do with the book. OUABC gives a description of the book inside and you can email the company if you want the precise title so it isn’t really a surprise box but the upside is, that you aren’t dissapointed and know exactly what you payed for. Very ideal for those with a tight budget and don’t like bad surprises and for those people that love spoilers πŸ˜‰

So, the book! It is called The taster by V.S. Alexander and is a coming of age story set in WW2.

I give it 5/5 stars!

Taken on goodreads.com

The main character is chosen to be one of Hitlers foodtasters and experiences the traumatic period first hand. The book describes the mixed feelings Magda has about Hitler in the beginning, how she falls in love and that this will help her take another view at her surroundings and that courage and standing up for what is right can make a big difference. The story is well written and keeps you captivated. Normally I don’t like these types of books but the title caught my attention and I’m glad it did. Maybe its because I’m getting older and my taste in books is expanding. (Never a bad thing! …except for my wallet 😬)

So the gifts! Were amazing!


🌟German travelpass from the main character



🌟Spoon with the words: ‘Taste it’ inscribed, wich was at the scene where Magda (main characters name) tries to poison a suspicious person


🌟A ring with a lava stone! So if you drop essential oil on it, it keeps smelling good! 😍, representing the poisonous ring Magda wears to try to kill Hitler.


🌟 Kitchen towel with beautiful drawing 😍 (no elaborate scene here)


🌟And the last: Big candle that smells like cherries! πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ˜ I LOVE candles. Especially while reading so immediately lighted it 😁


A very surprising, wonderful box, this one, so I can definetely recommend it!

Maybe next time I’ll try a YA one, depends wich one has the cooler book 😁

Did someone get the same box? Does someone squealed when seeing the ring and immediately put some perfume on the stone? 😁

Does anyone know of a box thats also different from the OC, FL ones? I would love to test other ones!

Have a nice read, my bookish bloggers and see you next time!

And since Peluche called dibs on the first pic, here’s one of me with my new Rapunzellike hair. Yeah, i feel smexy. 😎



3 thoughts on “Unboxing Once upon a book club Adult box: March 2018

    1. It really is! πŸ’™ Really gets you involved in the book. 😍 Enjoying aprils box right now. Not as grand as the previous but still fun. I’m doing an unboxing later today when the books finished 😁

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