All the little things that help this planet..


Every day social media overwhelm us with info about climate change, animal abuse, mass extinction, child labour and so on. Horrible facts that make us sad and helpless with rage. Luckily, because of social media, people are made more and more aware of these things and awareness is the first step to change.

But does it have to be only negative and a constant assault on your emotions? No. The way I see it, is that cruelty against animals or humans needs to be adressed and punished. Actions are necessary against those who have no compassion or heart to be inspired otherwise. But above all, I believe in self-action. To concentrate on helping and staying positive. To do things in your life that make you feel that you contribute to a better world. It doesn’t have to be black or white. Small steps make huge differences, if every person on this earth does the same. And you can always go a step further when you are ready for it.

Myself, I am a vegetarian going on vegan for about four years now.


Meat or fish are off the menu and at home, I don’t use dairy products. Instead, I drink soy or rice milk. If you’re wondering why, there are lots of websites describing the horrors animals have to endure for companies to make profit from mass production. Animals are kept under inhumane circumstances and treated like products instead of living, breathing beings. If you want suggestions on how to replace protein, B12, etc. in your meal, please contact me. I’d be happy to help!

In my own household, I find joy in choosing biodegradable alternatives. Plastic, for example, is a big cause of starvation en death among sea animals. Even when we drink tap or bottled water, we consume miniscule particles of plastic. If that doesn’t alarm you, I don’t know what will.


What have I personally done already?

  • I use corn litter instead of clay for my cats, the little stinkers! It costs less because I can throw it in the green bin wich is less expensive as normal waste! The one I’m using, clumps just the same. If you also use bio litter, wich one? I’m always interested in talking about litter 😀 Also I put it in biodegradable bags instead of plastic ones.


  • Soapnuts instead of chemical washproducts that are kept in plastic bottles. These indian nuts contain Saponine. If you’re thinking about trying this, you can always contact me for more tips or search the ‘almighty’ internet because you need to know a couple of things before trying this. Just started using these so super excited!


  • Replaced my plastic hairbrush when it broke with a wooden one. It brushes the same!
  • Replaced a lot of showerproducts with naked ones or products that are made from recycled plastic. Mainly from LUSH. It’s an AWESOME company that tries to make a serious impact environmentally! But the main reason why I love this brand is because the products are amazing and super luxurious for your skin. ❤
Lush naked products
  • Vegan products that are bought in your local supermarket! Chocolate paste, bars, etc. Tip for the Dutch: Albert Heijn! More and more products have vegan siblings wich aren’t too expensive.
  • Vegan wine. Recently discovered that most wines are sifted through animal products. That was a big bummer for me because I drink it, like a lot, and have unknowingly consumed animal byproducts for years 😦 . So I asked my best friend Google where I could buy vegan friendly wine and guess what! My local supermarket already had it!! Bought La Tulipe today, a fruity dry white wine (that’s my fave), so I hope I’ll like it!
La Tulipe, sauvignon blanc
  • I drink tap water, ALL the time! Just bought a new water bottle from Green Canteen and love it! Gone are the plastic bottles in my storage room. Everywhere I go, I take a refillable bottle with me. I drink a lot more now! (Not only more alcohol haha!) Hydration is key in slowing skin aging, wich I dread since I’m turning 32, yuk 😀 So this is a double plus!


  • Recipes. I hate cooking. I really do. So you can imagine how difficult it is for me to come up with veggie/vegan meals of my own. That’s why I love the internet, especially innovative grocery stores who put easy to cook recipes on their websites with lists of ingredients that you can buy in the store. And they are really, really good, so please try some vegan recipes! Again, tip for the Dutch: Albert Heijn.
  • Eggs from the neighbourhood! I’ve read a lot about the reasons why vegans won’t eat locally produced eggs. (We all know why factory eggs are aweful. If you don’t, you can always email me!) It’s because chickens in the wild only lay about 10 eggs a year. A year! You know why? Because when a chicken’s nest is full, she stops laying eggs! To make an egg, the chicken loses a lot of calcium. When eggs don’t hatch, the chick eats it in order to regain calcium. The effort of producing an egg is so straining, it reduces the chickens life span. That’s why home kept chickens (If the eggs are regularly retrieved from the nest) age a lot quicker than wild ones. Factory chicks get hormones to grow faster and thus die within 2 years.. Therefore, if you have chickens at home, please crush an egg once in a while and leave it with the chick. You help her remain healthy! (Don’t these fluffy chickens looks cute?! If my boyfriend and me ever move to a bigger house, we’re getting our own!)

While there is a lot I already do, there is still more to explore and learn. I keep on growing and expanding my knowledge. More importantly: I do this at my own pace. I won’t be put in a box. I’m not an all-knowing person. I make mistakes. I make wrong assumptions. I’m always willing to learn, to correct myself. People who judge others or point out all the wrongs instead of all the rights, should take a look at themselves. No, vegans don’t have all the answers but they keep on searching for better ways. Everyone can make a difference!

I hope this article helps a few people. I hope it inspires YOU in some way. Writing it was a joy, I realised what I already achieved. It made me proud.

I am not perfect. The world is not black and white. I do what I can and improve myself constantly. I strive for a time when animals are no longer needed as an important means to feed the human population. So that the earth can finally heal itself and we can look forward to a future instead of fearing it.


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