Aerial hoop workshop!

So for those of you that didn't read my last blog about my new and exciting hobby (I guess that's all of you *whap whap whap whaaaaaap* (insert sad and awkward tune) I do Aerial silk! But my studio (aerial studio Arnhem) asked if I wanted to join a hoop workshop and since I had … Continue reading Aerial hoop workshop!


Unboxing Once upon a book club Adult box: March 2018

What-a-wonderful BOX! 😍 I loved everything about it! First things first, for those of you who don't know OUABC, it's a little different from the usual boxes like Owlcrate or Fairyloot. First of: they have different types of boxes. Adult, YA and one for little kids 😁 The items in it are giftwrapped and signed … Continue reading Unboxing Once upon a book club Adult box: March 2018

Annie’s new sport/bodymangler/bluespotscauser: Aerial Silk/Tissu

Photo taken on Pinterest Admit it: This picture is gorgeous! I first got a glimpse of aerial silk when I saw one of my fbfriends posted a gorgeous photo of herself hanging gracefully upside down in fabric. I was so mesmerized by it that as soon as I moved in with my bf in the … Continue reading Annie’s new sport/bodymangler/bluespotscauser: Aerial Silk/Tissu