Review Ink and bone by Rachel Caine

Rating: 3/5 stars I liked this book! It isn't a heartstealing pulse racing kind of book (well, at the end it did keep me captivated) but an overall good 3 out of 5! At first I thought the author must be male because of the typical no nonsense thinking pattern of the male main character … Continue reading Review Ink and bone by Rachel Caine


Review Hazelwood by Melissa Albert

    Rating: 2/5 stars So The Hazelwood... One of those books that leave me unsure if I liked it or not 😅 maybe by the end of this entry, I'll give you a conclusive answer. It starts really, agonizingly, interminably, time-consumingly slow. It couldn't keep me engaged in the story so I had to … Continue reading Review Hazelwood by Melissa Albert

Annie’s new sport/bodymangler/bluespotscauser: Aerial Silk/Tissu

Photo taken on Pinterest Admit it: This picture is gorgeous! I first got a glimpse of aerial silk when I saw one of my fbfriends posted a gorgeous photo of herself hanging gracefully upside down in fabric. I was so mesmerized by it that as soon as I moved in with my bf in the … Continue reading Annie’s new sport/bodymangler/bluespotscauser: Aerial Silk/Tissu

The difference between Owlcrate and Fairyloot january 2018 boxes

Sooooo my first entry here! Wow! So exited! I promise I won't blabber too much but...actually sorry no. Can't promise that 😁😁 Sooo like any sane reading person I bought two subscriptions for a bookbox last november in hopes of choosing one of them... You can guess the outcome : my ongoing, inner child indulging, … Continue reading The difference between Owlcrate and Fairyloot january 2018 boxes